21 May 2010

so close, yet so far away.

I was reminded of the Mercury Prize heartbreak when I saw Laura Marling Sunday night, who lost in 2008. granted, Elbow won that year with 'The Seldom Seen Kid' (and I do love me some Elbow) so it wasn't a complete disaster. last year when Speech Debelle won, everyone was pretty much shocked I think, and it's sad, b/c even though I don't like Florence and the Machine much, her winning would have been more obvious and 'helpful' if you will in the grand scheme of things. b/c what has SD done since? she got mad at her label and quit them, and who knows where all those thousands of pounds went.

in FFires' case, they could probably have used the money to buy a new place to record in St. Albans so Ed Mac's parents wouldn't have to listen to all that banging. us fans joke that the Old Street studio they used to commit 'Kiss of Life' to disc was abandoned b/c he was scared of the rats. another friend of ours thinks a rat was the culprit breaking into his flat and delivering him smack, but that's another story altogether...

relive the night with this interview the Eds did with Absolute Radio sans a convalescing Jack who had just been released from hospital for some crazy infection in his leg. ohh Edd Gibson, always getting in there with compliments and making people smile! and Ed Mac cannot get over the fact he's getting served a hot meal at a table. ROFL

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