20 May 2010

this week's Roundtable (20/05)

Thursday is Roundtable day. Join Lammo as he welcomes former Delgado singer Emma Pollock into the studio to chat about her new album 'The Law of Large Numbers' and Rebecca from Slow Club in the studio discussing some new releases and to review some of this week's interesting new releases. plus Leonie Cooper (NME journo).

1. Muse - 'Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)' - Twilight, barf. while it's not horrible, it's cheese cheese CHEESE. read my impression on TGTF.

2. Chief - 'Breaking Walls' - the winner - why is everyone trying to sound like Neil Young these days? there's only so much dream-y lyric I can take. what I find awful about the popularity of this sort of sound is it is enjoyable by all b/c it's so vague (lacking conviction) and IMO that's a sad state of music to be in.

3. oops, I missed the names - my saviour dance music. how odd that I'm going to see Mumford and Sons tonight...?

4. Mr Scruff - 'Pickled Spider' - wotta name. it's ok. groovy beat.

5. Scissor Sisters - 'Fire with Fire' - haha it started like one of Sarah McLachlan's! it still maintain Jake Shears sounds eerily like Freddie Mercury, it's a bit off putting.

6. the Wurzels - 'Ruby' (Kaiser Chiefs cover) - HAHAHAHAHA.

7. LCD Soundsystem's third and possibly final album 'This is Happening' - I reviewed this a while ago for TGTF when it first was available as a stream on their Web site. some great stuff, some ok. I'm looking forward to finally seeing James Murphy at Roskilde on 01 July.

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