14 May 2010

half Brazilian samba dancer, half hardcore singer

when you read this, I will be in Philly, recovering from the Two Door Cinema Club gig the night before at Johnny Brenda's. but I did not want to leave you hanging without a Friday amusement post so here it is, queued far in advance. (aren't I nice?)

MTV Buzzworthy taped a Discover and Download video featuring Friendly Fires from I believe the fall of 2008 and you can watch it below. the Ed Mac dance sequences were filmed by my NYC friend Rachel, who was asked by MTV if they could use her video from the 24 March Black Cat show. so it's pretty cool that our gig was preserved in a MTV advert for the band. and my god, Gibson, Macfarlane and Savidge look soooo young.

MTV describes them and their music as follows:

Produced completely in their garage, Friendly Fires' self-titled debut is a burbling escapist fantasy. The sort of thing that inspires three grown Brits to undulate like samba dancers on a nightly basis.

it was one of the first (and unfortunately, one of the very few) things I ever saw of them on American telly. and yeah, whoever was doing styling for the shoot needs to be given massive kudos b/c I fell in when I saw this on the big screen for the first time.

the video was filmed during a photo shoot that produced some of the greatest shots I've ever seen of the band. I have my favourites (haha) but I rather like the drama of this one. mmm three pairs of cute English boys' eyes staring at you? yes please!

happy Friday kiddos, speak soon.

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