03 May 2010

playing with the big boys (part 2)

so the deal is, you're usually only allowed to photograph during the first 3 songs of a set. it has been explained to me that this is when the band is least sweaty and gross, so the photos should come out the best.

forget the fangirl in me that actually likes seeing sweat drip off a musician's body when he's given his all to the fans...no, that's not what they're looking for. actually, if you want to get technical, I was the one who was sweating bullets that night. I was so nervous that after I got back home, my stomach was hurting so bad b/c my whole body had been so tense and stiff trying to get photos while not bumping into other photographers that night, I needed Tylenol. I had no one to share stories "from the trenches" on the way back on the Metro. instead, I keep staring at the photo a nice fellow fan had snapped of me and the boys. when I say "the boys", I mean Two Door Cinema Club. (Phoenix was nowhere to be found, though funnily when I was waiting outside the hall before doors, I spied one of them carrying a bottle of detergent and a hamper of clean clothes back from the building and onto their tourbus. so if you were wondering, I guess DAR has laundry machines.)

I'm still no pro photog, but the photos came out pretty good for a simple point and shoot camera if I do say so myself. here are most of them, but if you're interested in the write-ups, they are available at PW and This is Fake DIY.

on This is Fake DIY
on PopWreckoning

Sam Halliday, lead guitar

Alex Trimble, lead vocals and guitar, plus their touring drummer (?)

Kev Baird, bass guitar. I feel absolutely horrible on how this looks. granted, when I trying to get a shot of him, he was all over the place and it was near impossible. couple that with my height and all these people trying to get into their seats during the first 3 songs when were allowed to take photos, I didn't have any great opportunities. I hope this is rectified when I see the band in 9 days (next week!) in Philadelphia.

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