06 May 2010

this week's Roundtable

last week (29/04) I refused to listen to Roundtable b/c the 6music feed was splicey. the week before (22/04) Lammo wasn't hosting, so I was disinterested. sorry :)

Thursday sees Laura Mary Carter from Blood Red Shoes join Luke Haines (ex-Auteurs) and Word Magazine's Andrew Harrison on Roundtable

1. Morcheeba - I missed the title. but it was unmistakably Morcheeba. that should tell you if you'd like it.

2. Interpol - 'Lights' - uhhh. not a fan. how it is possible that Friendly Fires opened for them, years ago?

3. Delorean - 'Stay Close' - this Spanish outfit is getting a lot of love. they opened for Miike Snow in the States and they have a very smooth ravey vibe about them. they sound like another ban whose name escapes me at the mo but I could sing their song...er...Yeasayer maybe? anyway, expect big things from them.

4. I Am Kloot - 'Lately' - ummm...this is not a good start for today's Roundtable. the beginning sounds like 'the Wonder Years' theme song - the Joe Cocker cover of the Beatles' 'A Little Help From My Friends'. ick.

5. Eminem - 'I'm Not Afraid' - rap. ugh. nuff said.

6. 6 Day Riot - 'All I Need' - this kind of girly sung music has been done before and better.

7. Steve Mason's new album 'Boys Outside' including 'Understand My Heart' - interesting, this 'Heart' track sounds a bit Peter Gabriel. v. unlike 'Lost and Found'.

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