09 May 2010

start spreading the news...

this was unnecessary torture I suppose (since I can't eat friggin' bagels anymore with my wheat allergy...THERE I'VE SAID IT!) but when I think of Philadelphia, I think of Philly cheesesteaks (which an acquaintance of mine s) and that oh so spreadable goodness that is Philadelphia cream cheese. I was a young child when the above advert aired in the '90s, my mouth drooling with the idea of dunking strawberries into the luscious, decadent, oh so fattening spread, because it was *very* uncommon for my mum to splurge on such frivolous things when I was young. see, this advert is an example that you don't need fancy graphics or animation for an advert to sell product - the stuff sold itself.

I was having a discussion with my good friend C - whose birthday it is today as Britain is already into Monday 10 May, happy birthday my love - about cheesecakes and how New York cheesecakes are generally the end all. but surely, they all start with Philly cream cheese, don't they?

all this Philly love is all because I only have 3 days left before I jump on the choo-choo to go north for Two Door Cinema Club at Johnny Brenda's (Thursday), followed by Eddie Argos as part of Everybody Was in the French Resistance...Now! at North Star Bar (Friday). I expect major hugfests ::big grin::

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