21 May 2010

Sartre was right.

I'm v. tetchy today after having the day from hell, so it's no wonder I'm spouting Sartre today. so bear with me.

the famous last line of his play 'No Exit' was "hell is other people".

this has been analyzed and cross-examined for years and I haven't found a satisfactory explanation for this means.

somehow, despite all the crap in my life I have no control over, I have managed *not* to have a existentialist view on the world and mankind. today however tested my patience and made me wonder, maybe Sartre is right.

this video in particular sums up me being hurtful b/c this Fleetwood Mac show was during my Thanksgiving vacation my first year of uni. I thought about whether or not to go and decided not to b/c I had to study for midterms and write a final paper. turns out this was the last time the famous five member line-up (Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, the divorced Christine and John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood) ever toured together. Stevie Nicks is one of my favourite female singers of all time, primary reasons being 1) she is an altogether nice person and 2) she proved you can be an alto AND make it in this business.

'Rumours' was such a landmark album b/c it was a crazy emotional piece of work. people were getting together, people were breaking up, and everyone was doing drugs. in other words, they had no business of being in any sort of relationship, let alone be in a band. but somehow 'Rumours' came out of all those broken dreams.

I dedicate the sentiment of 'Go Your Own Way' to anyone who I've ever tried to be friends with and I got the door slammed in my face in return. I don't have a mean bone in my body and I give people all that I have, but it's never enough. and oh, and isn't life a peach when you always get kicked when you're down? if you can't make the effort to be civil to me when I've helped you, then please, get out of the way.

PS La Roux gig on 25 July (rescheduled from the snowed out 10 February) has been moved to 27 July (a Tuesday) and to the late show slot (doors at 10). I'm probably going to have to sell my ticket. if I hadn't done some research on Ticketfly today I never would have known. thanks for making sure everyone who had a ticket knew about this, 9:30 Club.

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