27 May 2010

this week's Roundtable (27/05)

Kev Baird from Two Door Cinema Club, Edith Bowman and Keith Murray (We Are Scientists) join Roundtable

1. Tom Jones - 'Burning Hell' - I'm not sure what to make of this. this is the same guy can gave us 'Delilah' and 'What's New Pussycat?' um...wha? the thought of Tom Jones dancing to this onstage just gave me the giggles.

still, it's more believable than Pat Boone's 'Mister Nice Guy'.

'I like a curveball now and then. thanks Tom Jones.' - Keith Murray

2. Pull in Emergency - 'Everything is the Same' - s'alright.

3. Klaxons - 'Flashover' - the winner - someone tell me please, is this how Klaxons always sounded like? Matt Everitt of the Music Week on 6 commented at the time of the Mercury Prize last year, Friendly Fires never would have moved so many units of their debut album if Klaxons were around. I'm confused tho, this version of Klaxons sounds more Biffy than anything approaching dance music...huh?

4. Kula Shaker - 'Peter Pan RIP' - I guess the violins remind me of Patrick Wolf. weirdly, this has a '60s vibe to it, yet is a bit folky...dunno, I like it for it being unusual.

5. Arcade Fire - 'the Suburbs' - I've never been a huge fan of them - it's like the Decemberists, Dresden Dolls, and the Fall - I have friends who are massive fanatics of these acts but I never got on the bandwagon. it's fine but it's not mind-blowing. why exactly do people go crazy over this band? discuss.

6. Shaun Keaveny and Matt Everitt of 6music - football song - funny, had they not told me, I had no idea it was two 6music presenters! as Lammo said, 'we made a mistake not having a single English person on the panel' - LOLZ

7. the Divine Comedy's new album 'Bang Goes the Knighthood' including 'The Complete Banker' - I have an unusual but special relationship with Neil Hannon. my ex-bf was a big fan of him and DC, so of course I was inundated with mix CDs of their work. in particular, the song 'Everybody Knows (Except You)' really hit my heart hard. Hannon is an great, funny songwriter full of wit. and he's still going. and still valid. I mean, who still writes songs like 'Have You Ever Been in Love?' without it sounding trite?

one day I should like to sit down with the man, if only to buy him a cup of coffee or a pint as a thank you. boyfriends come and go but the music is always constant. you will always remember how a song made your feel at that moment in time.

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