24 August 2009

Maximo is a no-go / on the bright side...

OH NO. Maximo Park has cancelled their entire North American tour for "personal reasons".

I sincerely hope that for their sake, it has nothing to do with health problems, people needing to go to rehab, etc.

darn. and I was so hoping to see Paul Smith's hat and reinforced trousers work their magic on stage at the Black Cat. I'm not being facetious, I've been told by MANY people "you will not be able to take your eyes off Paul Smith, he's so charismatic".

also, the Charlatans and Placebo have canceled their tours too. what is going on, is there something in the air I don't know about?

super bummer.

on the bright side, while I was looking up my Friendly Fires / the xx gig reports in Google to see where they stood result wise, I came across the most curious discovery.

Neumo's in Seattle lists Friendly Fires as the opener for 27 Nov, with the xx
as the support act.

further searching of the lone East Coast date at the Paradise Club of Boston on 4 December indicates the same thing.

could it really be true?

oh dear, I think this means packing my bags for a Thanksgiving week sojourn out west.

either that or a fly-by-night job in Boston on 4 December followed by NYC on 5 December.

my poor, poor wallet.

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