25 August 2009

taking another bite of the Big Apple? / all hail HMV

I think I've come down from the grandiose schemes that launched me high up in the air last night while I was still smarting from the Maximo Park N.A. tour cancellation.

late last night I talked to a good friend of mine who, I say, is the coolest of the cool cucumbers EVER, and she said "you have to go to New York". in which case it'd be for the Big Pink on 4 December and Friendly Fires on 5 December (hopefully, god willing, with the xx as support).

I'm gonna hang tight until at least mid-October, when the NYLON tour line-up SHOULD be officially announced and nothing should be sold out yet.


yet another reason why I wish I lived in England:

hmv signings, gigs, launches...come along

I know some of my music friends hate HMV (or rather the prospect of having to work at an HMV for the rest of his/her life, haha) but unless you live in New York, this sort of thing at a music shop NEVER happens in America.

I've got a couple people now who I know are planning to go to the Manchester or London signing/shows with FF the first week of September, so I'm hoping for photos, video, anything really at this point!

I know I'm going to be falling over myself to check the local stores around here for the expanded CD/DVD released in America on 8 September b/c chances are I won't be able to find it :P I mean, Amazon doesn't even have it listed! (I obvs. do not want the UK version b/c it'll be Region 2 and unfortunately, I don't have a no-region DVD player yet...)

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