09 August 2009

no Roundtable review for 13.08, and another night job

if it wasn't apparent from my earlier posts, I will not be near a computer when Lammo's Roundtable comes on this Thursday. I will probably be eating brekky around that time, b/c I plan to sleep in after long nights put in at the Friendly Fires gigs and then sojourns at New York's discotheques.

I also don't think I'll even be able to catch up on the 6music iPlayer stream over the weekend because I am also seeing Bat for Lashes on 15.08. just a heads-up for those of you who read this on a regular basis. and if you do, would you say so once in a while? no biggie. just shoot me an email at fabfan97 (at) hotmail (dot) com and it would make my day. really!

I saw "Julie & Julia" yesterday and came out wiping away tears of hopefulness. it said to me, yes, you too could become something from blogging!


a v. nice friend has offered me another night job. watch this space for updates to see how this one goes :)

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