30 July 2010

before they was...

since I've already embarrassed Friendly Fires with 'before they was' videos, why not Delphic? TBH these aren't really embarrassing, these were from 2 years and 1 year ago respectively, and they've been soldiering on with the same line-up...so they shouldn't be embarrassed. I mean, I wouldn't be. they just have a lot less facial hair. chalk that up to all the touring and their razors not being able to keep up!

I would also like to direct you to this page (ignore that it's a Fred Perry page, lol) that has high-quality versions of two songs by Snowfight in the City Centre, Delphic's 'old' band that featured a different lead singer (not James Cook). 'No Light Left' is the song you get a bit of in the second video. oddly, they sound more Keane to me than Coldplay. and the guitars are amazing - good work James and Matt! I was expecting something really terrible the way they describe the band now but TBH it sounds a hell lot better than the dribble that passes for rock coming out of America these days.

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