23 July 2010

Delphic interviews at Montreaux Jazz Festival, Oxegen

despite my promise to myself that this was NOT going to happen, it did. resistance was futile. yeah, I'm kinda fangirling over Delphic. I mean, how can you not? just really genuine people making genuine music that suits them, not the music industry.

James and Rick get interviewed at the Montreaux Jazz Festival, where they were playing a Kitsune-themed gig with Chew Lips. includes appreciation for the 'terrifying' lead singer of Chew Lips, Tigs (including some blushworthy comments) and the Bee Gees (who I did not know were originally from Chorlton. you learn something new everyday).

there are also some amusing photos up on James of Chew Lips' Tumbler over here. in one of them, Matt looks like he's eating his towel. idiot girls as the one described on the post ruin it for the rest of us. OI, not all of us want to jump onstage and maul the musicians.

and here is another interview Matt and Rick did at an Irish radio station around the time of Oxegen. good lord Rick, is there anyone you don't get into a fight with? heh. watch and listen and you'll understand. and probably be as amused as I was. Kev Baird of Two Door Cinema Club is the nicest bloke, I can't understand why he'd get into a barney with Rick Boardman...??? boys will be boys I guess...

hell, while we're on the subject of Two Door Cinema Club, I might as well link you to their interview at Oxegen as well. aren't I nice? and wow, Alex Trimble makes an appearance. (sometimes hard to find him after a gig)

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