16 July 2010

Radio1 rewind: Delphic in the Live Lounge

I hadn't considered that Delphic had been invited into the Radio1 Live Lounge until Rick Boardman mentioned it to me in passing. I also had no idea what the deal was about the covers until he told me that the bands who get invited have to choose from a small list of options for the obligatory cover,.and this probably explains why everyone for a while was doing Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody'. as a joke, they decided to do Cheryl Cole's '3 Words', because Rick wanted to do the feminine higher singing parts with James doing the lead vocals. we had a good laugh about this but after hearing it TBH I think the results are stunning.

I am also including their live version of 'Halcyon' from the same session and the original '3 Words' if you want to compare their cover to the original.

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