22 July 2010

will I ever get to the Warehouse Project? / why I love Manchester

if you aren't in the know, the Manchester Warehouse Project is this rave/dance night that is put on throughout the autumn in what I've been told is a disused car park under the Manchester Piccadilly train station. now I've BEEN to that train station before, well prior to be told this, but I had no idea anything of the sort was going on deep in the bowels of a major Northern transportation hub.

I have special ties to Manchester. not just who I know there, but it was the first place in England I ever set foot in when I first visited the country 4 years ago (not counting a stop-over at Heathrow). I remember taking the train from the airport into Manchester Piccadilly and looking out the window at the council houses that I only knew from episodes of British telly that made it onto public telly here and wanting to cry with joy because I couldn't believe that I was actually in the country that I held so dear. I also saw Morrissey play there 3 times on that trip and did the requisite Smiths sightseeing.

I haven't been back to Manchester since then. it's not from lack of desire. I miss the North. it's just that things never fell into place like they did in 2006.

last year I really wanted to go to see the Friendly Fires curated night that featured themselves playing live, the Field, Michael Mayer, and a whole slew of other dance luminaries. it was on 14 November, which was a Friday, but considering I couldn't get ANYONE to go with me, a late night rave by myself didn't seem like a good idea.

yesterday Delphic was being coy, saying they had a big hometown gig announcement to make today. uhhhh what would be bigger for a dance band than to play the Warehouse Project? I guessed right. only problem: it's the day before Halloween, this year. my wallet hasn't recovered from Denmark and at the end of September I shall be travelling to see them in Philadelphia and Boston opening for the Temper Trap, so I'll already be several hundred in the hole from that. so quite sadly, looks like I'll be missing it. nice-looking line-up though. it's oh so tempting...

Saturday 30th October
Delphic Present Acolyte
Delphic [ Live ]
The Whip [ Live ]
Fenech Soler [ Live ]
Jamaica [ Live ]
Rob da Bank
Optimo Espacio
Jamie xx
Foals [ DJ Set ]
Now Wave DJs
£17.50 advance : 21:00 — 04:00

for more information, visit WHP's Web site.

this is a really old photo of James - he doesn't even play this bass anymore.


good news. I think I have the bass lines for 'Doubt' and 'This Momentary' down pat. I knew 'Submission' was going to be a struggle, and it still is, b/c I'm trying to pick out the rhythm still, but I've got the notes down, which is half the battle.

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