26 July 2010

I wish I had guy hands.

I found a better photo of my bass. it's too massive to post here so if you're interested, walk this way. it's got 5 strings, which is really annoying because I keep accidentally hitting the lowest (extra 5th) string when I'm trying to hit the E string. worse, being a girl, I already have small hands to begin with, and very short fingers, so it's hard to get my fingers around the neck to hold down the frets I need to. I wish I had my brother's hands - I wish I had guy hands, frankly. it'd make this a lot easier!

I know it's completely wrong technique but I've been holding down the E string, and sometimes the 1st to 3rd frets further up the neck with my thumb while plucking with my right hand. I don't know how else to do it, because my arms are short as it is and there's no way I can extend my left arm far enough AND wrap my left hand around the neck to reach those notes. my fourth finger won't cooperate and curl the way I want it to, so it'll knock the third string when I'm trying to hold down the fourth.

yesterday a storm knocked out power here for 10 hours so from 3 in the afternoon to 8 at night until the sun started to set there was nothing for me to do except cue my Sansa and practise bass. I have no idea how Kev Baird of Two Door Cinema Club does his slides but the bass line for 'Something Good Can Work' is a lot easier than I thought it would be! I was expecting something impossible but it's actually intuitive once you look at the tab.

I've been trying to find tabs for their other songs and having difficulty so if you know where I can get bass tabs for their other songs, let me know. I tried working with an 'Undercover Martyn' tab that was good for some parts but not so great on the others.

the quick finger progression of 'Submission' from the D to the E string is proving more difficult. will have to keep working on it!

sorry with the whinging but I can't help but imagine this is never a problem for a boy because they've got bigger hands. most boys I know also have spidery, longer fingers that makes playing stringed instruments so much easier too. ::sigh::

off to see Chromeo for the first time and Holy Ghost! for the second time at the world-famous 9:30 tonight!

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