12 July 2010

ooh, it's Neil Hannon!

don't ask me why but a couple weeks ago I suddenly decided that of all the big fish in the musical sea I wanted to interview, I wanted to interview Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy. my ex-bf from years ago introduced me to his music (along with Morrissey) and my life wouldn't be complete with him. Neil Hannon, not my ex of course. first is the video for his recent single, 'At the Indie Disco'.

I also include my favourite Divine Comedy song of all time (at least it's been this way for about 8 years), 'Everybody Knows (Except You)'. it could have become the cheesiest pop song written of all time, but for some reason, its fragility and humourous lyrics makes it one of my favourite songs, ever. I was hung up over it the first time I heard it b/c that was right when I was in love for the first time, and everything in life was perfect (nearly, except that I was ill). so I'm just putting it out there that if anyone wants to win me over, serenade me with something by Neil Hannon. chances are I'll be putty in your hands.

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