29 July 2010

this week's Roundtable (29/07)

Thursday is Roundtable day. Join Lammo as he welcomes Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls, Will Gregory of Goldfrapp and Mat Horne to the studio to discuss some interesting new releases.

1. Manic Street Preachers - 'Just the End of Love' - the winner, just barely with 24 points - this is weird. it sounds power poppy. were the Manics always this power poppy? not rocking my world.

2. Robert Plant - 'Angel Dance' - I have always been wary of anything Percy has done since Led Zeppelin. but actually, I think his voice has been reined in somewhat on this track and it's not half bad. oddly, it sounds like 'Black Country Woman' and stuff of the 'Physical Graffiti' era.

BTW Dee Dee, it's useful when you have your own opinions instead of taking someone else's. for example, my own Tweet that got read out over the air:

theprintedword @lamacqshow I was expecting something terrible. but this reminds me of 'Black Country Woman'/Physical Graffiti era. #roundtable

3. Roots Manuva meets Wrong Tom - 'Jah Warriors' - I dunno why people listen to stuff like this. awful. I find it even funnier talking to white people and them going, 'yeah yeah, I lo-ove reggae!' you do? would never have thunk it LOL

4. !!! - 'The Most Certain Sure' - snooze. let's move on, shall we? I've become quite jaded as of late re: dance music...I like disco as much as the next reasonable person but let's have something new, pretty please?

5. missed the act and title of this but doesn't sound like I missed much.

6. Dansette Junior - 'Paranoid' - I've started to become very critical of electroacts now because I think, if Delphic can do what they do at such a high level, everyone else should aspire to do the same. this is ok but a dime a dozen, really.

7. La Roux side project compilation thingy - v. interesting to see La Roux cover the Stones' 'Under My Thumb'. no surprise to see Heaven 17 on the compilation either :)

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