19 July 2010

the confusing world of record labels

I'm really embarrassed. I think I've royally confused which English bands are on which labels - or rather who puts out their records where.

I think it all started when Delphic and Two Door Cinema Club went on the road together last October in the UK. they were on a Kitsune Maison bill. so I thought this meant they were both signed to Kitsune (true) and their albums were being released on Kitsune in the UK (I thought this was true but I believe it is actually false).

Delphic has their own imprint, Chimeric, with Polydor. Chimeric is the imprint on all of Delphic's releases. (this explains my confusion over how come 'Acolyte' was Chimeric 3 - like, how is it possible that Polydor only has 2 other releases??? well, it turns out the 'This Momentary'/'Counterpoint' EP was Chimeric 1, and the 'Doubt' EP was Chimeric 2.) Polydor is one of many labels under the Universal Music Group umbrella. Kitsune signed them for French distribution. They were signed to Dangerbird Records in America, oddly (in my mind) later than when Two Door Cinema Club got their American deal.

Two Door Cinema Club has a simpler story. they were signed to Kitsune, and from what I can tell, Kitsune releases their albums in European markets including the UK. they signed to Glassnote Records, the US home of Kele, Mumford and Sons, the Temper Trap, and Phoenix.

confusing enough for you?

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