31 July 2010

willpower needed. inquire within.

it is taking all the willpower I have in my body NOT to click on bus fares to Philly and back for a show in October. it'd only cost $2! but...but...

I thought I had convinced myself that my trip to Philly and Boston for Delphic and the Temper Trap twice in 4 days the last week of September outweighed the chance to go to Austin City Limits and Texas the following week instead (where I had planned to see Two Door Cinema Club in Houston, where two of my aunts live, and also see them and a bunch of other bands like Muse at Zilker Park playing at ACL).

the only reason I had contemplated going out to Texas in the first place was b/c the FRIGGIN FIRST TIME TDCC plays a headlining gig in my town (in one of my fave venues in DC no less, the Cat!), I won't be IN town! ::grumble:: no, I will be on a plane to California for my day job.

I have since weighed this in my mind, the good angel arguing that I've already seen them twice this year - opening for Phoenix at DAR and headlining Philly's Johnny Brenda's - that I shouldn't be greedy.


the more I listen to 'What You Know', the more I am determined to see Sam and Kev let loose on their guitars like nobody's business, b/c I know how they play, and they are good.

the problem: Philly is the closest date and it's the week before the D.C. date, but it's a Thursday, which would necessitate either taking off at most 2 days (Thursday and Friday) or at the least 1/2 a day Thursday, rushing up for the show, then booking it back by bus so I'm at work bright and early the next day with no sleep. (the latter doesn't sound v. good but hey, it could work.)

the venue doesn't sound all that great - a church. I saw the xx at 6th and I Synagogue in March. it was ok, but that was the xx. their music is kind of chill. TDCC? not so much.

I should also note I am typing this with next to no voice - I have some sort of cold/lurgy thing - and sick people should not be allowed to daydream.


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